Saturday, September 24, 2016

Don't Forget the Discounts for National Sewing Month!

There's another 7 days left in September and ALL of the discount codes are still in effect!  

Simplicity Patterns ~
20% off your total order from Simplicity patterns using the code "FANATIC16"

The Dutch Label Shop ~
15% off your order at The Dutch Label Shop using the code "carolyn". I know that a few of you have already received your labels. If you could leave a link in the comments, sharing a pic of your new labels that would be great! 

Style Maker Fabrics ~
10% off your order plus $5 shipping ($5 off International orders) from Style Maker Fabrics using the code "SEWSEPT". I also know that some of you have already used the discount, so please share pics of your new fabrics by leaving a link in the comments section!

Also, don't forget the Style Maker Fabrics Fall Style Blog Tour ~ follow along to see some amazing outfits from Style Maker Fabrics by some fantastic sewing bloggers:

There are a few more posts coming up to celebrate National Sewing Month and they are themed, "What Does Sewing Mean to Me?" These posts will highlight thoughts from some amazing sewists from the global sewing community.

Happy National Sewing Month! 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Gaylen Boards the Style Maker Fabrics Train

I met Gaylen years ago on a sewing board that has evolved into Artisans Square.  We talked on and off online for years before she visited NYC. We've become great friends bonding over our love of fabric and her gifts to me of knitted socks. BTW, when are my next pairs coming?! *LOL* I knew that she loved Style Maker Fabrics but hadn't really showcased them on her I asked her to join the Style Maker Fabrics Train.  

Here's her blog post ~

As so many of my recent sewing projects have been decided, this one started the same...with an email from Carolyn.  It said, "Do you want to buy that Rifle Floral to make a garment and then blog it?"  Do I?  Of course!

I started drooling over the lovely Rifle Paper Les Fluers as soon as I saw them hitting Instagram However, I am not buying fabric right now, and Carolyn is acting as my personal Susie Orman as she has been denying all of my purchase requests.  In fact, she had denied this when I first ran it past her (I'll provide the background in the next week or so). 
So - when Carolyn emailed and asked if I wanted to buy it - I was all over it.   This was my first order with Stylemaker fabrics and hope there are more 'approvals' in my future.  

The site was easy to navigate and I really appreciate that Michelle sells her fabric in full yards as many small online only shops seem to sell in half yards.

Once the fabric was in my hot little hands, it went straight into the washer and dryer.  I have 3 dogs and I need easy care clothing.  Then I spent 3 days trying to figure out the perfect garment.  I was torn between a Southport and a shirtdress.  

So, based on an email with Mary of IdleFancy, I made the Southport/Shirtdress hack.

First - I took new measurements and re-traced my pattern (and this, my friends, is why I don't cut my PDFs!).  I think this time I cut a straight 16 - I can see it needs a full bust adjustment in the future - but honestly I'm fine with how it appears now because it doesn't pull at the center front buttons.
When I traced the skirt - I added the same amount of width at the center front as the bodice for button bands.  I used the maxi skirt pieces and added 5" at the lengthen/shorten line and called it good.  Everything else I did the same.

I fully lined the bodice with white batiste, but not the skirt.  To do this, I sewed both bodices together at the shoulder seams, then put them right sides together and sewed up the neckline and armholes, turned the bodice rights side out, sewed up the side seams and serged the center front edges. Interfacing was added to the button bands before finishing that front edge. Interfacing was added to the center front of the skirt, then it was folded under and topstitched just like the bodice.

To highlight the pale pink in the fabric - I used a pink ribbon at the waist and pale pink buttons.  I also added some buttons to the waist tie (which is way too long and needs to be shortened by about 12" on each side). Working with this fabric was a dream!

I loved working with Michelle to figure out this order. Most important to any online order ~ the shipping was prompt. I will definitely be doing it again!  I think this is fastest turn around in fabric history for me - it was sewn within a week and has been hanging out waiting for it's photo shoot! Carolyn - thanks for "Approving" this purchase!

No problem my friend and I'm glad that you had a great experience and got such a pretty dress out of the deal! Also, you and Jay took some great photos!

Everyone, don't forget that Michelle is offering a 10% discount off your total order using the code SEWSEPT plus $5 shipping NOW through the end of the month! I really hope that you'll surf on over and check the site out. I guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised but don't blame me if your credit card gets a work out!!!

National Sewing Month continues with more posts!      

Monday, September 19, 2016

Check out Lori's Garments made from StyleMaker Fabrics

I thought it would be appropriate to have a few sewists who have sewn with the fabrics from StyleMaker Fabrics, share some of their garments and interactions with us.  When I think of sewists using Stylemaker Fabrics - Lori from Girls in the Garden leapt to my mind. So I asked Lori if she would share some of her garments with us. 
So here's Lori's experience ~
We are so fortunate to have so many online fabric shops available to purchase amazing fabrics. Today, I want to talk about one in particular Style Maker Fabrics, which is a great source for fabulous fabrics.

Michelle, the owner of Style Maker Fabrics, does an incredible job of selecting high-quality fabrics that are also current with what you see in RTW. I love her customer service, just a quick email or Instagram Direct Message, and I have the perfect fabric for a certain pattern.

Take this one for instance, my Jasper Sweater:

I emailed Michelle with the pattern and told her the idea in my head.  She sent me pictures of some options, including fabrics that were on the way to her. When I saw the French Terry, I knew I had a great stripe knit to go with it. Here's all of the French Terry selection.  

Putting this blog post together, one of the things I thought about was how I found Style Maker Fabrics. It was in an earlier issue of Seamwork Magazine and the site was listed in the resources page.  A new fabric site?  I had to go check it out and was so happy I did.  I love the way the fabric is categorized...

Latest Type
Fabric Type
Garment Type
Shop by Color

Talk about helpful, I use the garment type quite often, it really makes a difference when you can't touch the fabric.  But if you do need to touch the fabric, just order a swatch. 

For the sweater below, I bought this knit from Style Maker Fabrics, one of many great jersey knits available.

I've had the pleasure of working with Michelle on a couple of blog tours and she is wonderfully organized for these events.

Sweater Knits here

Follow Michelle's blog for even more ideas on how to use the fabric and to see her beautiful creations. Then if you still need more inspiration, head on over to her Pinterest Boards, where ideas abound. From Style Maker Fabrics new spring/summer offerings, I ordered several pieces of fabric and did a good job sewing them up. 

Below is a couple of collages of my outfits, including one for my daughter.
 All details here on these garments

Lori thanks for your perspective on dealing with Michelle and using the fabrics from Style Maker Fabrics.  Because as you can see, Lori has made some A-M-A-Z-I-N-G garments with Stylemaker Fabrics. I hope that you'll surf on over to Michelle's site to check out the new fall fabric collection. Don't forget the discount is in effect until September 30th.

National Sewing Month continues with another blog post later this week!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Pattern Winners for National Sewing Month Are...

*drum roll please*

*stepping up to the mike*

*taking out the Accountant Tallied Envelope listing the winners*

I'd like to make a few announcements prior to announcing the winners.  

  • First, the winners were chosen by using the Random Generator.  
  • Second all entries that did not follow the contest rules were deleted.
  • Third all duplicate entries were deleted.
  • Fourth any entries that were left on the final giveaway post were deleted.

...and finally if you entered all of the giveaways (which was fine) you were only allowed to win one of them.

The Winners Are ~

First up - the winners of the MimiG Jeans Pattern by Simplicity are:
The winner of the size 6-14 is #32 - Ann's Fashion Studio...and
The winner of the size 14-22 is #40 - Cynthiacc

The second pattern giveaway is for the Concord T from Cashmerette:
The winner is #28 - Anne

The third pattern giveaway is for a pdf copy of either the Morgan Jeans or the Carolyn Pajamas from Closet Case Files:
The winner is #155 - Ellen Meyer

The fourth pattern giveaway is for any pdf pattern from the Blue Dot Pattern Collection:
The winner is #2 - Molybden

The fifth and final pattern giveaway is for any pdf pattern from SBCC Pattern Company:
The winner is #21 - Love Purses

Congratulations to ALL of the winners and thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaways!

Winners, please contact me at cnorman underscore 98 at yahoo dot com by Wednesday, September 21st. If you do not contact me by that time, I will choose new winners on Thursday, September 22nd. 

For the Simplicity Pattern winners please include your home address in your email. I will send your pattern to you as quickly as I can.  For the winners of the pdf patterns, please send me an email (at the email address above) and I will send you the code to access your free pattern.

A Reminder ~
All of the discount codes are still in effect!  

  • 20% off your total order from Simplicity patterns using the code "FANATIC16" 
  • 15% off your order at The Dutch Label Shop using the code "carolyn"  
  • 10% off your order plus $5 shipping ($5 off International orders) from Style Maker Fabrics using the code "SEWSEPT"

Next week there will be guest blogger posts from a few of my sewing friends that will feature garments made from Style Maker Fabrics. I hope you'll come by and read about their experiences and see what they've sewn. Hopefully it will inspire you to purchase a yard or two also...

Happy National Sewing Month!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Meet Michelle ~ Owner of Style Maker Fabrics

I know that I talk a lot about buying fabric from one or two specific online fabric spots but I love finding new sources to purchase fabric online. I'd heard about Style Maker Fabrics, prior to Michelle asking me to participate in the Spring Canvas Blog Tour, from Lori of Girls in the Garden

I had such a positive experience working with Michelle that I knew I wanted to partner with her for National Sewing Month.  However, before we get to the discount let's learn a little about Michelle and how Style Maker Fabrics came to be!

Introduction ~
Hi! I’m Michelle, founder of Style Maker Fabrics, lover of fabric and all-around seamstress. I grew up in and around the fabric industry and made my dream come true in late 2014 when I launched my own fashion fabrics website. Not only does it let me play with incredible fabrics daily, it also lets me share my knowledge, passion and inspiration with other sewers all over the world. Sewing isn’t just part of my job, it is also my hobby and creative outlet that lets me show off my style and make things that are totally unique and just for me. When I’m not sewing, I am an avid gardener and reader that loves to travel!

I had a few questions for Michelle. So let's start with your background in sewing ~
How long have you been sewing?
20+ years - I started sewing when I was 7/8 years old.

How did you learn to sew?
I learned to sew on my mom’s Pfaff with her help and a kids sewing book from Palmer/Pletsch. I started with these fun worksheets that you stitched on the paper with just the needle, no thread. Later I took a few kids quilting classes at the local fabric store.

Do you have a dedicated sewing room?
Lucky for me the answer is yes! Right now I am still running my business out of my home, the basement to be exact. So half of the basement is “warehouse” and the other half is my studio and office.

What type of sewing machine/serger do you use?
I have always sewn on a Pfaff. Over the past couple of years I added a Baby Lock serger and cover stitch. 

What types of garments do you like to sew?
I love making tops- blouses, shirts, sweatshirts, etc. They are usually pretty quick, easy and pair great with jeans (which I live in!). I do like to challenge myself a bit with more complex patterns like pants, a coat or pajamas when I have more time to focus and really pay attention to each step.

Moving on, let's discuss why you decided to start an online fabric store...
I lost my job in early 2014 due to a restructuring and that set the ball in motion. I had dreamed of having my own business for a few years but never had the guts to pull the trigger. Looking for a new path, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to start my own business. While my goal was to have my own brick and mortar store, starting online was a better option for the time being.

Can you discuss your goals for running this business?
My goals for my business were to offer a variety of stylish fabrics not currently available and to give seamstresses a new way to shop for garment fabrics. Many of the other shops (both physical and online) strive to have anything and everything. When shopping for fabric you might not know what you are looking for and searching can seem like looking for a needle in a haystack.

With Style Maker Fabrics, I set out to present fabric and other sewing favorites in a new way, merchandised and organized the way people want to shop! Our curated selection of fabrics are presented by fashion trend, fabric type, garment type or color so no matter how you want to shop on a particular visit you can hopefully find exactly what you are looking for. My goal is to not only help seamstresses find just what they are looking for but to also inspire them and maybe help them discover something they weren’t expecting.  

So did you have a mentor to go to for assistance with starting and running the business?  
My mother has been my mentor, partner and support through this whole process (well, really my whole life!). She continues to assist with buying decisions, business planning and helping cut and pack customer orders. We make a great team and I wouldn’t have been able to do this without her.

What have you learned about running an online fabric store?
Two things come to mind. First, there is no predicting what people will like or buy. We can go a whole week and not cut the same fabric twice. Crazy, right?Second, we can’t have everything! And we don’t want to! It's better for us to look at the bigger picture of how our fabrics work together and really refine what we have to offer. That lets us offer the best quality of some really amazing fabrics at the best prices!

What have you learned about yourself?
I love what I do! I love working with the customers, I love playing with fabrics on a daily basis and I love building something for myself. I work really hard and I have learned to admit when I have hit my limits. I have also accepted that it is not a failure when I have to cut back on some of my plans; it’s just an opportunity to grow and build on them in the future.

So a few more questions about the business...

What's a typical day like for you running the fabric store?
Typically we fill orders throughout the day, making a trip to the post office in the afternoon. I fit in emails, social media and planning as needed. On less hectic days I might get some sewing in, a blog post or some research for future projects.

Is it important to have an international as well as domestic shipping ability?
Yes, we have a few regular customers from Australia, Europe and Canada that continue to tell us that we offer fabrics that they can’t find where they live. While shipping costs from the US are high, the higher prices of yardage overseas make shopping with us worth it.

Why has fabric shopping become such an important online shopping experience?
Shopping online brings your favorite fabric store into your home and lets you shop on your schedule. It also fits nicely with the online sewing community and ties into your favorite social media channels. See something you love on Instagram? In a few clicks, it can be yours.

What do you do to ease the fears of first time online fabric shoppers?
First and foremost, we work tirelessly to make sure all of our images are true to the real thing. We love hearing from customers that their fabrics are exactly what they were expecting. We also only buy the best quality fabrics. Years of experience have taught us what to look for, both good and bad.

Also, I am here ready to help all of our customers. If you have a question, don’t hesitate to ask! Aren’t sure if a fabric would suit your pattern or if there is something that will coordinate perfectly? I am happy to take a look, shoot some comparison photos or whatever is needed to make sure you have found the right fit. Still in doubt? Order a swatch (approx. 6” square), they are inexpensive and shipping is free!

Finally, can we get a sneak peek into the future of Style Maker Fabrics

What are your hopes for the future of your fabric store?
My goal is to still one day have a brick and mortar store; a place where the sewing community can come meet in person, be inspired and find their perfect fabrics.

What is the greatest thing you've learned about running the online fabric store that you didn't expect to happen?
I never expected to build so many friendships and relationships with people in the sewing community. Our customers are amazing and I love learning more about them, working with them on their projects and seeing their amazing creations.

Are you moving in the same direction as other online fabric stores by having bloggers blog for you? Or are you looking at other avenues to drive business?
We are not currently looking to have a “staff” of bloggers like some of the other stores. Twice a year we do organize a Style Blog Tour where participants receive showcase our newest fabric collection for the season.

Other than that, we are building relationships with customers, bloggers and pattern designers more organically. We don’t pay for the feedback that people provide about our customer service or our products making it more genuine and sincere.

Michelle and I wanted you to know that the Style Maker Fabrics Fall Blog Tour starts September 21st ~ see the line up of bloggers here.

Now I know this is the part you've all been waiting for ~ the discount! 
Michelle is generously offering 10% off your order PLUS a $5 shipping fee. This discount starts today and runs through September 30th. Please use the code "SEWSEPT" when you check out to receive the discount. International sewists will receive the 10% off your order PLUS $5 off your shipping fee!  

I really hope that you'll spend some quality time on Style Maker Fabrics checking out the goods...and that you enjoyed getting to know Michelle better! Next up on the blog are two posts by guest bloggers sharing some of the garments that they've made using Style Maker Fabrics.

So stay tuned for more celebrating!  
Happy National Sewing Month!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Last Day for Pattern Giveaways!

This is a reminder that ALL of the pattern giveaways end tonight at 11:59pm EST.  If you're just tuning in and don't realize what the giveaways are, here they are one more time:

1. Two copies of Simplicity 8222 - the Mimi G Jeans and Bomber Jacket 
I have two copies for two lucky winners.  Leave a comment on the post dated September 2nd and don't worry that comment moderation is on. Just leave a comment with what size you'd like and it will be entered into the drawing. Please remember that this drawing is open to US and Canadian residents only.

2. The Concord T-shirt from Cashmerette Patterns
This is the second pattern being given away.  Since it's a pdf pattern, everyone in the sewing universe can enter to win this pattern.  So if you're interested in winning the pattern, leave a comment!

3. Blue Dot Patterns is providing the third pattern giveaway
For this giveaway, all you have to do is visit Diane's site, Blue Dot Patterns, and choose which one you'd like to win. Please leave which pattern you'd like to win in the comment section. Again since we're giving away a pdf pattern, the giveaway is open to anyone.

4. The fourth pattern giveaway is from Closet Case Files
You have to choose between The Morgan Jeans or The Carolyn Pajamas ONLY! If you've left a comment on the original post requesting a pattern other than one of these, your entry will be voided.  Please go back and state which one you'd like under your original comment. The winner will receive a pdf pattern so again this giveaway is open to everyone!

5. The final pattern giveaway is from SBCC Patterns
Please visit Betsy's site, SBCC Patterns, and choose which pattern you'd like to win. Leave a comment on Monday's post stating which pattern you'd like to own. Since the giveaway is for a pdf pattern, the drawing is open to everyone in the sewing universe.

I will be closing down the comment section on ALL of the giveaway posts at 11:59pm EST tonight.  So if you've been dragging your feet, you have one more chance to win an amazing pattern.  One more thing, if you've entered multiple giveaways, please note that you will ONLY be allowed to win one giveaway.  Just want to be clear about that upfront! 

Sewing Discounts ~
I wanted to remind you that the 20% off your order from Simplicity Patterns is in effect until September 30th. Just use the code FANATIC16 and you will get 20% off your entire order on the website.

Also the discount from The Dutch Label Shop of 15% off your order is still available.  Use the discount code "carolyn" to receive it. This discount expires September 30th.

Finally, there will be a new discount offered from an online fabric store tomorrow! I'm kinda excited about this one because it's a new partnership for me. It will kick off at midnight EST with an interview of the proprietor - so come back here then to read all about her and the products she's offering AND of course the discount!

**Please note**
Do not leave comments for patterns on this post! They will be deleted! If you want a pattern, please leave a comment on the ORIGINAL post. If comment moderation is on the post, I will add your comment so you WILL be entered into the contest!

Happy National Sewing Month
Let the Celebrating continue!

Monday, September 12, 2016

SBCC Patterns provides our last Pattern Giveaway

SBCC Patterns has generously provided a pdf pattern for the final pattern giveaway this month!  If you haven't sewn with an SBCC (Skinny Bitch Curvy Chick) pattern before, let me introduce you to a few of the wonderful styles that are available ~

A little information on this indie pattern company...
SBCC Patterns are designed for the woman who is short in stature but not in attitude and are sized 00-28W. These patterns can be easily un-petited and details on how are available on the website. SBCC patterns are designed for an intermediate/advanced sewist but if you're a patient beginner, you will find that they sew together easily. There are 20 patterns on the website ranging from t-shirts, to a hoodie and yoga pants, and a dress or two. They are pdf patterns that are sensibly priced.

You may have seen The Tonic Tee sewn up around the online sewing universe. My favorite and must thorough review was done by Debbie of Stitches and Seams. You should check out her amazing t-shirt here.  There are 45 reviews of the tee on PatternReview. Some other reviews of the Pinot Pant, The Cosmo Skirt and The Mimosa Blouse are also on PR and should be checked out.

The Giveaway ~
So now that you've seen a few of the patterns and read some of the reviews, here's the pattern giveaway...any pattern on the SBCC website is available to win. Just leave your name in the comments section along with which pattern you'd like to win! Please choose just one.

Since the giveaway is for a pdf pattern, it's open to everyone in the sewing universe. Please make sure that you sign your comment with your name if you are logged into blogger as unknown.  No name and your entry will be voided. This giveaway is open until Wednesday, September 14th at 11:59pm EST. The winner will be announced on Saturday, September 17th.

This is the last pattern giveaway for the month. I don't know about you but I can't believe how fast that went. Hope you've enjoyed the giveaways and don't forget to leave a comment for this one!

Happy National Sewing Month!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Are you ready for the next pattern giveaway from Closet Case Files?

For this pattern giveaway you have to decide do you want comfy-ness at home or out in the streets? Because...Heather is offering the chance to win either a pdf copy of "The Carolyn Pajamas" or "The Morgan Jeans." Seriously y'all I told you that the pattern makers came through with a fierceness!

Personally what I like so much about Heather's patterns is that she's named them for people I either know or know of AND they fulfill a need in a woman's wardrobe. As women aren't we always on a quest to find the perfect fitting pair of jeans or a bathing suit that accents your real body parts, yet allows you to have a good time at the beach or the pool, without feeling a need to cover up!

Hey Heather even brought back a personal favorite of mine from the 70s, the bodysuit in the Nettie pattern. Now while I have a personal policy NOT to try to look like my 20 year old self again, it is thrilling to see younger women experience a trend that I loved and lived in.

The internet is full of amazing images of women of all shapes and sizes, colors and ages wearing me-made garments from Closet Case File patterns. So if you've always wanted to own either the Carolyn Pajamas or the Morgan Jeans, leave a comment below and tell me...are you comfy at home or out in the streets?!

Since the giveaway is for a pdf pattern, it's open to everyone in the sewing universe who'd like to win one. Please make sure that you sign your comment with your name if you are logged into blogger as unknown. No name and your entry will be voided.

This giveaway is open until Wednesday, September 14th at 11:59pm EST. The winner will be announced on Saturday, September 17th. So let me know, comfy at home or casual in the streets?!!!

BTW, we have only one more pattern giveaway this stay tuned for more Happy National Sewing Month goodness!

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Blue Dot Patterns the next Pattern Giveaway

I first heard of Blue Dot Patterns on Instagram. Then I saw an amazing version of the Margo Blouse 

by That Black Chic that Michelle made for her daughter and I was in love...still trying to figure out how I can incorporate this into my fall/winter wardrobe! This was my introduction to Blue Dot Patterns. 

What appeals to me about Blue Dot Patterns is that they are basic designs that we all can use in our me-made wardrobes. Diane has designed these patterns to work for building a casual and/or a business casual wardrobe. You can definitely customize them for your lifestyle. 

Blue Dot Patterns range in sizes XS-XL. They are pdf patterns with an affordable price tag. Easy to follow instructions complete with detailed drawings make these a great sew. 

Today's pattern giveaway is your choice of any one of the patterns in the Blue Dot store. If you'd like to add a new pattern to your collection that is modern and will work for all occasions, leave your name and which pattern you'd like in the comments below. 

Now since this is a pdf pattern, this giveaway is open to every one in the sewing universe.  You have until Wednesday, September 14th at 11:59pm EST to enter this giveaway.  The winner of the pattern will be announced on Saturday, September 17th. Please note that if you're on blogger as "unknown" please leave a name with your request. No name in the comment section and your entry will be voided. 

So head on over to Blue Dot Patterns and look through her catalog to see which pattern you'd like to win. I'm sure you will be as enthralled with her patterns as I am!

Good luck and Happy National Sewing Month!

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Up Next ~ Pattern Giveaway by Cashmerette Patterns

Y'all know that I love the Cashmerette Pattern line so when I reached out to pattern makers for giveaways for this month, Jenny was the first person I contacted. 

She offered a pdf version of her Concord T-shirt pattern, my favorite Cashmerette pattern. I've made two of them ~ a basic white t-shirt blogged here and an unblogged print version that I've been wearing this summer over a denim skirt.  

If you think this is a regular t-shirt pattern, think again!  Jenny's highlighted some amazing pattern hacks to this "simple" t-shirt pattern made by an awesome group of sewists. And one of my favorite sewing sisters, Renee of Miss Celies Pants, made four of them this summer. Four amazing versions by a non-plus size sewist because the sizing on this tee is size 12-28 with a cup size of C-H! That alone is worth the price of admission!

So if you've seen all of the wonderful versions of this t-shirt floating around the internet, and still don't own this pattern, I have one more reason why you should desire to win a copy of this pattern...a sew-along. Yes, Jenny has done a step-by-step sew-along for the pattern so any question you may have is answered.

I'm sure you've already realized that today's giveaway is a pdf pattern of the Concord T-Shirt by Cashmerette Patterns. If you'd like to get in on the t-shirty goodness, leave your name in the comments below. Since it's a pdf pattern this giveaway is open to everyone in the sewing universe who'd like to win one. You will have until Wednesday, September 14th at 11:59pm EST to enter this giveaway.  The winner of this pdf pattern will be announced on Saturday, September 17th.

Good luck and Happy National Sewing Month!


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